Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Childrens Wedding Tea Party

To Celebrate the Royal Wedding, a Traditional Tea Party was held in the town hall for Children aged 5-11 on Friday 29th April between 3 and 5pm. 1st Hunstanton Guides were waitresses.  The Tea Party was a complete sell out, 150 tickets were sold, tickets could have been sold twice over.

We arrived at about 3pm, all the children were dressed in their party frocks and looked amazing.

The tables were already set out and decorated with table decorations made by 1st Hunstanton Brownies and Beavers.

First they had a disco with pop music.

Then they watched Punch and Judy

After that they played Musical Statues.

Then the best bit at 4pm they had FOOD!

Then they had a Magic Show.

Then they had a Dancing Competition.

Then it was HOME TIME :(

And a wonderful memorable time was had by all.

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