Friday, 1 April 2011

Express Stationery 1991 - 2005

Express Stationery started trading in 1991 in Hunstanton, West Norfolk, UK.
It was started by husband and wife team Bob and Dawn, who were later joined in the business by son Steven and Daughter Jenny.
We began by standing markets and then decided to open a shop.  The first shop opened in 1993 in  Westgate,  then in 1996 we  relocated to High Street and  when the lease ran out in 2003 we once again  relocated to another premises in Westgate.
We began by selling stationery and greeting card products  as well as photocopying, faxing and small run printing using high quality laser printer and copier,  we later went in to selling inkjet cartridges and developing an internet business.
However, due to the decline of business in the shop during 2005 and the rising cost of overheads, the reluctant decision was made in early 2006, to cease trading.

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