Saturday, 21 May 2011

Down the Shelter

At the Town Hall today we took a trip down Memory Lane to the 1940's.

Me and Jude turned up in our Glad Rags, to the sound of the Air Raid Shelter Siren, we crossed over the Threshold and were handed a

Ration Book which was also a program and song words.

And a Ration Food Pack

The Ration pack was a brown paper back and inside individually wrapped in Greaseproof paper was a Spam Sandwich, lump of cheese, piece of fruit cake, 2 squares of chocolate and some raisins. sealed together with masking tape.

There was a soldier in uniform

The Evening started with Hunstanton Concert Band playing some toe tapping songs many of which the audience joined in.

Alf working the siren during a song    

There was also some dancing

The Host Darren who works at Sainsburys came on dressed as a woman and tried to get the audience dancing he tried to get me on the dance floor but i wouldn't go.

Darren and member of audience

Hunstantons own Vera Lynn - Amy Louise Wright did a song

They played an interesting game twice which i took part in and easy way to earn some extra funds, everyone who wanted to play stood up, people went round and collected £1 off everyone playing, then you put your hands on your head or your bottom, a coin was tossed, and if you were right you stayed in and if you were wrong you sat down till there was one person left who won a hamper from Sainsburys.

Then they called the raffle i won some cake tins.

Then John Wrigley did a comic act, although he was funny, it was the wrong audience for him.

Then the Festival Players did a short thought provoking play called Now and Then.

Then we finished off with a sing song led by Simon Bowers playing the Piano and Caroline Odd singing the songs included White cliffs of Dover, We'll meet again, Bless em all, Lilli Marlene, A Nightingale sang in Barclay Square, Run Rabbit Run and Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner.

Finishing with a redition of There'll always be an England with lots of flag waving

Thd mayor said a few words and then we went home.

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