Tuesday, 28 June 2011

St Edmunds Trail Community Dedication Service

Today we attended this dedication service, it should have been outside at St Edmunds Chapel Ruins, but because of a thunderstorm was moved inside into St Edmunds Church.

Order of Service

Entry of Cross - Led by the Methodist Church

Welcome by Father John of St Edmunds


Reading by Rev David Hulse of Union Church

Hymn - 'Eadmund that Martyr of Renown

Eadmund, that martyr or renown
None holier wore the English crown
Carried that day the glorious palm
Triumphant into heavenly calm

It was from Englands fruitful earth
That his resplendent light had birth
Whose beams the subsequent ages gild
While heaven with waxing joy is filled

May our dear advocate on high
Hear the low moans of humility
And through the sacred precincts bring
Their plaint before the Highest King

And may he, from his lofty place
Crave for our sins Christ's healing grace
That the o'er-laden world may know
That peace his pardon can bestow

Through endless ages yet to run
 May God the Father with the Son
And with the Holy Spirit, grant
The prayers of each his supplicant.  AMEN.
 [11th Centry Hymn - translated from Latin, as sung in the first St Edmundsbury Cathedral]

St Edmund and Hunstanton - The Legend of the Wolf - Cllr John Smith

Dedication of St Edmund Trail and Wolf - Father John - St Edmunds Church

Closing Prayer - Catholic Church

Recess of the Cross - Methodist Church

Hunstanton in Bloom Thanks - Cllr Elizabeth Watson

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